The enriched and rigorous Limudei Kodesh curriculum at the Hadar High School for Girls will prepare our students for significant achievements in Torah learning. Our educational staff will not only teach our students the skills necessary to learn on their own, but will be role models for our students to lead a life of Torah observance. The curriculum will enable girls to be proficient in the text and will promote analytical thinking skills. Cooperative learning, independent studies and guided research seminars form a well-rounded program that instill in our students a drive for academic excellence. 

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The General Studies curriculum at Hadar High School for Girls will ensure college readiness. The General Studies curriculum will help students develop critical thinking and research skills while gaining an appreciation for the world around them. With outstanding educators who are experts in their field, students will be able to enter the college of their choice as well as be prepared to be a contributing member of society. 

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Hadar High School for Girls believes that spending a gap year in Israel after high school can positively impact a student’s life. The Hadar High School’s Israel Guidance Office helps educate students and parents by providing information and advice about the different seminaries in Israel. Our Israel guidance counselor will help guide our students to find the program that best suits their intellectual and hashkafic needs. 


Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions in a high school student’s life. The Hadar High School’s College Guidance Office helps students navigate through the college application process. Our college advisor will help students make the right choice by educating them and their parents about colleges that best suit their individual needs. The right college will allow our students to continue to grow academically and spiritually post high school.