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Applications for 2024-2025 are Open!

Why Choose Hadar?


Malkie Blisko, '21

As a transfer student, I was worried about how quickly I would fit in and make friends, but the girls at Hadar were so warm and welcoming. After only two short years, they all felt like family. As an alumnus, I look back on my experience in Hadar with so much Hakaras Hatov.

Maytal Raden, '22

I love everything about coming to school every day. We have so many opportunities to lead, learn, grow & be inspired. The energy is palpable and each day is exciting. 

Adina Levine, '24

The teachers and administration are so supportive and always have an open door policy. There are always faculty members available to talk to, give advice or help you navigate any challenges that might present themselves. This is something so unique.

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