A Night of Inspiration

September 17th, 2020


Rosh Hashana

No School

September 18-20, 2020

Tzom Gedalia 

12pm Dismissal

September 21st, 2020

A Time for Teshuva

September 24th, 2020

Yom Kippur

No School

September 27-28th, 2020


Hadar High School for Girls seeks to foster an environment focused on building self-esteem and exemplary character with a dedication to academic excellence in Limudei Kodesh and General studies rooted in Torah values, derech eretz, and chesed. Our school promotes a strong connection to the greater Jewish people and a deep appreciation for and dedication to the Land of Israel.  Our goal is to inspire and educate our graduates to become mature, modest, educated Jewish women positioned to thrive in their future personal, professional and communal endeavors. 



Hadar High School for Girls

7902 N Montoya Circ.

2nd Fl

Boca Raton, FL  33433

e: info@hadarhs.org

p: 561-922-5880