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Hadar High School for Girls seeks to foster an environment focused on building self-esteem and exemplary character with a dedication to academic excellence in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies rooted in Torah values, derech eretz, and chesed. Our school promotes a strong connection to the greater Jewish people and a deep appreciation for and dedication to the Land of Israel.  Our goal is to inspire and educate our graduates to become mature, modest, educated Jewish women positioned to thrive in their future personal, professional and communal endeavors.


Our curriculum stresses excellence in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies, employing innovative strategies and extracurricular opportunities to challenge students academically and inspire religious and personal development.   
Our administration and faculty seek to be at the forefront of defining the classroom of the future in terms of educational best practices and incorporation of technology.
Our governance is committed to addressing the challenges of tuition affordability and creating a sustainable model for high quality education.
Our leadership structure aligns the administration, board of directors, rabbinic advisory committee and dedicated parent body in a collaborative partnership to support these goals and to make Hadar a pre-eminent institution dedicated to serve the South Florida Jewish community. 
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